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360, D706, Smart IP, Camera

360 D706 Smart IP Camera


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360 D706 Smart IP Camera 1080P

360° guard your home peace and warm

360 robot camera is the loyal night`s watch, for this night and all the nights to come. Our new member, the lovely and vigilant 360 smart robot camera Pan/ Tilt version. Equipped with new features like 360° panoramic pan / tilt, smart patrol, intelligent tracking etc., the robot camera guard the safety like a most competent steward of home

360° panorama for inspect every corner in your home

With vertical / horizontal pan / tilt, you can remotely control the smart robot camera for any azimuth. Horizontal 360° viewing angle makes every corner of the house crisply visible. Vertical 260° viewing angle allows full ceiling or floor in the lens. Just turn on your phone, and view all the details of your home at any time, any where.

Smart Patrol Your loyal Night`s Watch

Built – in automatic patrol mode can record second of every corner of your home. Smart Robot Camera supports customized patrol points and inspects the pre-set key zones regularly.

With intelligent mobile – locking tech, Robot Camera will lock its eye on any inbreaking object

With industry – leading artificial intelligence visual algorithm in ” tracking watch” mode, the camera will automatically adjust the viewing angle to track the trajectory of any inbreaking object, and 5 – seconds alarm video will be sent to the phone App. You can decide for next step in time.

1080P ultra crisp HD image, record every detail change

With 1080P HD image sensor, Smart Robot Camera can output 1920 * 1080 HD images. Crisp, colorful, low SNR*, the features support the brilliant record for any pixel change in the monitoring area. Utra – clear / high – definition / smooth mode considering different network conditions. Each frame is the same as seen on the spot.

Ordinary quality

*SNR is short for Signal Noise Ratio. The lower on SNR value, the better on image quality.

HD infrared night vision, capture clear image no matter how dark is

10 built-in dot – matrix infrared night vision lights extends a night shooting range of up to 7-10 meters and provides you clear image in the darkness. With IR – CUT function, the camera will automatically turn on / off the night vision mode according to the degree of surrounding light. You can enjoy the peace of mind at night.

Two – way, audio talk, share your concern anytime, anywhere

The camera supports two – way video call funtion. No matter where you are, you can share the warm accompanying with your family. It can also ” understand ” your instructions, just awake the camera and send a message of your love to your family.

360 AI protects your property security with technology

Based on 360 artificial intelligence research on image deep – learning technology, the smart robot camera can accurately identify humanoid changes, crying sound detection, abnormal sound / change monitoring. The smart robot camera monitors the house in real – time, and once any change happens, it sends alarm message to your phone, guarding your property security.

Automatic ‘ Eye-close’ mode protect your privcy all the time

Use ” timer mode” to define your time to time at time, and the robot camera will close its eye automatically to protect your privacy.

Convenient Remote access for Daily Monitoring on Mobile phone and PC

Farewell to the traditional monitoring equipment, all you need is an smart phone. If any change occurs, an alarm message will be sent to your phone in real time. We also provide Easy – to -use PC web pages as well.

Two types of camera placement

You can place the camera on a desk or mount on the ceiling for your demand.

Two kinds of storage mode

The images and videos can be stored in cloud storage or memory card. Any pictures you care about will never be lost.

Cloud record

With cloud record service activated, the camera can automatically record and upload important video once any image changes is detected, even without any local storage device. No worry about the memory card demage causing video loss. You can review cloud video recorded in the past 7 days or 30 days on your phone.

*Cloud record service requires extra purchase, and it supports limited regions for the temporary, and we extending to serve more countries soon. please refer to the support list for more infomation.

Memory card storage

The camera will automatically record after insertng the memory card. When the memory card capacity is full, the new video automatically refresh the oldest videos. 16G memory card can be save all the videos in the past 10 days under the smooth mode.


  • Patrol Your Home Without Blind Spots
  • 360° Panorama
  • 1080P Crisp Image
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Two-way Audio
  • Customized Patrol
  • Suspicious Object Locking
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